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Examples of British wildlife for photographers

Are you a keen wildlife photographer or looking to hire a professional to take a few dream snaps of your favourite animal? Here are a few key examples of British wildlife and where you can find them:

1. Red squirrels

If you are keen to shoot the rare red squirrel, the best time to see them would be in late winter when they are less likely to be on the move and hunting for food. Red squirrels reside in woodland or parks; and usually hide out in trees. Browse around bare branches, as this is where you will notice them more. Red squirrels are most commonly spotted in Scotland and Ireland.

2. Reindeer

Reindeer can be spotted all year round, however don’t get up too close as they are alarmed fairly easily. The best location to go and see a few reindeer would be at Cairngorms National Park in North East Scotland.

3. Kingfisher

If you are a keen birdwatcher, you may be aware that in order to get a successful shot, a great deal of patience and planning is necessary to capture a great bird photo. It may be best to keep your distance, rather than aiming to get too close, as there is a high chance that they will fly away. You will likely spot kingfishers on lakes or rivers, as they adore residing on or near the water. Your best chance of spotting a kingfisher would be at a few destinations including:

4. Otters

Otters are a typically British part of wildlife. They can be found near water; residing along coasts, rivers, streams and estuaries. They are often found undercover within or next to water habitats. Otters are nocturnal, so are most likely seen from dusk until dawn. You can go and see otters at a variety of destinations across the UK including:

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