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Top tips from a wildlife photographer

In order to capture great photographs of wildlife, here are a few top tips to be aware of to create the perfect shots:

1. Lighting

When photographing wildlife, you need to make the most of the lighting. You may have heard many wildlife photographers claim that there is a ‘golden hour’ in which the sunset or sunrise creates a warm tone; perfect for wildlife shots. If you can’t manage to get out at these hours, aim to go out when the sun isn’t too bright – this is most likely in the middle of the day. Yet, it is all about how you can make the most of the lighting you have to create different moods.

2. Knowing your subject

One of the key skills of photographing wildlife is capturing shots of animals naturally. Most of the skill depends on snapping shots to capture animals and wildlife in certain ways, interesting poses and behaviours which adapt well on camera. The only way in which you can understand what animals may do next is by spending time within their surroundings to understand their mannerisms and behaviours.

3. Equipment

Other than a camera, other pieces of equipment which may come in useful may include a tripod, added lenses and filters. Tripods allow you to capture shots steadily, especially when pressing the button. As a button is pressed, it may cause movement meaning that the photo won’t come out as clear. A variety of lenses may be useful, for example macro (ideal for close-ups of flowers or bugs) or landscape (for a wider angle to capture a scene). Filters can change the mood and ambience of photos, which creates different spins on the same shot.

4. Location

Think about the type of location you are hoping to use for the setting of your photos. Within wildlife photography, you will need to go to a location where there is wildlife to discover. For example, woodlands or parks are the best bet within the UK. These two locations will feature gorgeous backdrops such as leaves and trees. If you are on safari for example, you will find a greater deal of wildlife in a completely different setting.

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